We are passionate about educating America’s youth and support a variety of different programs, scholarships, contests, and awards to help further this goal.

Theme 2016-2019: “Targeting Education; Planting the seeds of tomorrow!”

Education has always been at the core of DAR. The promotion of education is one of the three founding objectives of the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution. In 1903, the committee of Patriotic Education was authorized. By 1932, this committee had grown so much that it was separated into three separate committees: Americanism, National Defense, and Approved Schools.

By 1934, the National Society supported thirty-five approved schools and in 1940 during Continental Congress, it was resolved that as vacancies occurred, no new schools would be added. In 1960, the committee was renamed the DAR School Committee. The committee now supports six schools, two DAR schools and four DAR approved schools.

  • DAR Schools
    • Kate Duncan Smith (KDS) DAR School
    • Tamassee DAR School, Inc.
  • DAR Approved Schools
    • Berry College, Inc.
    • The Crossnore School and Children’s Home
    • Hillside School, Inc.
    • Hindman Settlement School, Inc.

All of these schools were begun in rural and disadvantaged areas where public education was not accessible. The mission of these schools is to provide traditional values and educational skills to the students in order to help them reach their full potential in life. While each school has a different focus, they serve a variety of special needs programs including adult literacy, attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, and children in family crisis. Today DAR schools serve thousands of students from pre-school through college and are helping to make a difference in their lives.